2016-06-10 / Meta, Me

So, my long and unwieldy name is Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen – pronounce it just the way you feel like, I’m used to most variations you can come up with. I’m a contemporary dancer and a self-taught web geek, debugging website problems since 1998 or so – first just to help out other users, later professionally for Opera Software from early 2001 to 2013, then for Mozilla from July 2013.

My older blog, written while working for Opera, is archived here – plenty of problems were dissected and explained there over the years.

To get in touch, feel free to needinfo me in Mozilla's bug tracker if there is a bug I should have a look at.. or contact me on Twitter . Also, my mozilla.com E-mail user name is hsteen ;-)

There is also a page full of older – rarely updated – personal stuff – yes, it's a “personal home page” from those days before “blogging” was a verb – although it has moved slightly towards a blog format.